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Welcome to Civil War Cycling’s educational website—your source for U.S. Civil War travel guides. My name is Sue Thibodeau. Here you will find lots of free content, as well as invitations to explore our shop of printed guidebooks and digital bicycling maps for touring U.S. Civil War battlefields.

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Like a kid on a bike—learn history your way

Most bicyclists know instinctively that battlefield bike tours are a uniquely exciting way to (re)discover American history. Afterall, touring by bike is convenient, safe, enjoyable, and even liberating. Like a kid a bike—you can explore an “outdoor classroom” full of monuments, wayside exhibits, and beautiful landscapes. And you will enjoy the rush that is fueled by learning history in your own way, at your own cadence, and for your own purposes.

So, why not make learning even easier with a touring guidebook or a set of downloadable bike maps?!

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What are people saying about our Civil War travel guides?

Our reviewers and customers strike a common theme:

“After following the book’s Culp’s Hill course on a balmy Saturday morning in May, I’m sold that there may be no better way to tour the battlefield than on two wheels. The opportunity to cruise past the landscape’s open fields, rocky hills, and woodlots, while easily hopping on and off bike for frequent stops to read monuments or signage or to snap photographs, is incomparable.” ~Civil War Times

“The best ways to truly see a battlefield are by walking and biking. And biking a battlefield such as Gettysburg provides a rush like no other. Sue has produced a valuable book about how to ride that most hallowed Civil War ground. A definite keeper.” ~John Banks, journalist, blogger, author

“Touring by bike gives you the best of both worlds. You gain a more personal view of the battlefield and have a better appreciation for the distances covered than if you were to take a car, yet you have greater mobility than someone simply hiking.” ~Verified Amazon Customer

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