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Our Mission
Civil War Cycling produces maps and educational materials tailored specifically for bicyclists who want to learn American history while touring a U.S. National Military Park.

Our Focus
Our focus is outdoor, experiential learning that is safe, fun, and designed for all skill levels. Civil War Cycling is a publishing company. We do not give tours or rent bikes. Instead, we help you to plan your own tour … and learn American history the fun way. Like a kid on a bike.

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Learn American History By Biking

Even if you never bike a national military park, you can learn American history in an active way—in the outdoor “classroom” of your own making.

Learn American history your way

Burnside Bridge, Antietam National Battlefield

Fun Learning – Your Pace, Your Way

The National Park Service preserves and protects tens of thousands of acres of park land that is accessible to bicyclists in the form of paved roads that wind through historic monuments, farms, bridges, and other historic structures. On a bicycle, history comes alive as a fun, outdoor learning adventure.

With so much to see, feel, and learn, the possibilities seem endless. And yet, YOU can be in-charge of what you learn and how and when you learn it.

But to enjoy that kind of freedom, a bicycling historian needs a little help…

What is Civil War Cycling?

Civil War Cycling publishes print and digital resources for bicyclists and public historians who enjoy learning American history while biking.

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How is Civil War Cycling Unique?

Civil War Cycling is an educational resource for ordinary people. You do not need to know a lot about Civil War history. If you want to start your learning adventure with the Battle of Gettysburg, this web site is for you! We offer many free, fun quizzes, photographs, maps, and other learning materials that you can enjoy at home.

Civil War Cycling is also a touring resource for bicyclists. You do not need to be a performance athlete or road cyclist. We are not about distance, speed, or major roadways. After all, for the bicycling historian, the stops are probably more important than the ride!

And finally, Civil War Cycling helps you plan biking adventures that are safe, fun, and educational — according to your own needs and skills. We do not offer tours or rent bicycles. Instead, we give you the tools and encouragement to bicycle park roads at your own pace and for your own learning purposes.

Learn American history on the road

The Mumma Farm, Antietam National Battlefield

A Little About Me

My name is Sue Thibodeau. I publish educational tools and touring tips for planning self-directed biking tours through U.S. national military parks. I have written three books in the Civil War Cycling military travel guide series: Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park (2019); Bicycling Antietam National Battlefield (2020); and Bicycling Chickamauga Battlefield (2021).

I welcome your greetings and comments on Facebook: Civil War Cycling @TheBicyclingHistorian.

Learn American history #likeakidonabike !

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learn American history while bicycling

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