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Civil War Cycling Blog Archive. Welcome to Civil War Cycling’s blog archive for cycling battlefields and learning U.S. Civil War history. For articles, please go to the Civil War Cycling Index.

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When Civil War Cycling launched its website on May 1, 2017, the blog section was very active. But through time, posting frequency became sporadic and intermittent as our main content pages grew. If you are a regular visitor, you know that content is regularly added to our Battlefields, Resources, and Shop landing pages. Don’t be surprised if you see another spike in blog posts sometime soon … followed by another posting lull when I tackle work on the next guidebook and map set.

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“Abraham Lincoln Seated on a Bench” by Ivan Schwartz, Gettysburg

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#6 Selecting Your Antietam Bicycle Route

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#8 Battle of Gettysburg Day 1 (July 1, 1863)

#9 How to Find Graves in Soldiers National Cemetery

#10 Battle Summary—Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

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