Maryland Monuments at Antietam

Although Maryland was a “border” state that remained loyal to the Union during the U.S. Civil War, some Maryland citizens fought for the Confederacy. The monuments at Antietam National Battlefield reflect the fact that men from Baltimore, for example, fought on both sides of the conflict in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Of the nine Maryland monuments at Antietam that mark battlefield positions, two honor Confederate batteries that were organized in Virginia. Hover over the image to read the caption (or on a mobile device, lightly touch and hold the image).

Maryland Monuments at Antietam

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Fought in Western Maryland on September 17, 1862, the Battle of Antietam was the single deadliest day in U.S. history. In about twelve hours, there were nearly 23,000 casualties (more than 6,000 dead on that day). For Marylanders, it was a horrific day of carnage, where citizen fought citizen, and Sharpsburg farms were destroyed by about 132,000 soldiers and their horses, wagons, and weapons.

For a fascinating history and analysis of how Marylanders remembered and interpreted the Battle of Antietam, you might want to read Susan W. Trail’s University of Maryland doctoral thesis entitled, “Remembering Antietam: Commemoration and Preservation of a Civil War Battlefield” (March 11, 2005). PDF download

The following listing of Maryland monuments at Antietam covers all artillery and infantry monuments placed at battlefield positions. It does not include the large Maryland State Monument.

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Maryland Unit Monuments

#NameDedicationCommanderBrig-Div-CorpsAreaCasualties (from monument)
12nd MD InfantryMay 30, 1900Lt. Col. J. Eugene Duryee1-2-9Burnside Bridge67
23rd MD InfantryMay 30, 1900Lt. Col. Joseph Sudsburg, from Baltimore2-2-12Dunker Church29
35th MD InfantrySept 17, 1890Maj. Leopold Blumenberg3-3-2Bloody Lane166
4Cos. A & I, 5th MD InfantryMay 30, 1900Maj. Leopold Blumenberg3-3-2Bloody Lanesee above
5Purnell Legion MD InfantryMay 30, 1900Lt. Col. Benjamin L. Simpson3-2-12Dunker Church26
6Battery A, 1st MD Light ArtilleryMay 30, 1900Capt. John W. WolcottA-1-6Mumma Farm12
7Battery B, 1st MD Light ArtilleryMay 30, 1900Lt. Theodore J. VannemanA-2-6The Cornfield?
8Baltimore Battery (CSA)May 30, 1900Capt. J. B. BrockenbroughJackson’s DivWest Woods?
91st MD Artillery (CSA)Sept 20, 1961Capt. William F. DementEwell’s DivSouth of Town?
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