Gettysburg Study Notes

These Gettysburg Study Notes are for people who want a short but dense and detailed summary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The intent is to provide enough detail to help you understand some large history book.

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Detailed Battle Summary (July 1–3, 1863)

The following battle summaries are for people who want to memorize military maneuvers. The summary pages are highly structured and dense. Photos, maps, lists, and other visual learning aids give context to the narrative.

July 1, 1863July 2, 1863July 3, 1863
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Orders of Battle Flashcards

Click on each army commander to study the Gettysburg Orders of Battle:

Army of the Potomac Order of Battle
Army of the Potomac Order of Battle (USA). Union Maj. Gen. George  G. Meade (Library of Congress)

Army of Northern Virginia Order of Battle
Army of Northern Virginia Order of Battle (CSA). Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee (Library of Congress).

Study Sheets and Quizzes

Abbreviated battle rosters:  July 1, 1863  |  July 2, 1863  |  July 3, 1863

Condensed battle summary with five maps by Hal Jespersen (

Beginner Warmup Quizzes: July 1  |  July 2  |  July 3

Master the Basics Quizzes: July 1  |  July 2  |  July 3

All Gettysburg Quizzes (FREE, immediate, private and anonymous)

How to Find Graves in Soldiers’ National Cemetery:

How to Find Graves in Soldiers' National Cemetery
How to Find Graves in Soldiers’ National Cemetery. If you have a plot number, this article will explain how to find the grave. (It’s not as easy as one might think!)

What Species of Trees are in Soldiers’ National Cemetery?

Trees in Soldiers' National Cemetery
Trees in Soldiers’ National Cemetery. (Click inside to see photos of twenty-nine species of trees.)

Monument Shapes and Symbols – A Key to the Army of the Potomac:

Monument Shapes and Symbols
A Key to Monument Shapes and Symbols. (The Maltese Cross at the top of this monument on Little Round Top identifies the Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac.)

Gettysburg Landscape Photos:

Gettysburg Landscape Photos
Gettysburg Landscape Photos. This Union cannon on Cemetery Ridge points to the Virginia State Monument on Seminary Ridge about one mile westward. The monument in the foreground marks the site of Brig. Gen. Lewis  A. Armistead’s fatal wounding during the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge on July 3, 1863.

Gettysburg Photo Gallery – Monuments and Structures: Gettysburg Monuments
Gettysburg Monuments and Structures. Erected in 1932, the Maj. Gen. Oliver O.  Howard Equestrian Monument stands on East Cemetery Hill.

Gettysburg Scavenger Hunts – Find Monuments:

Finding Gettysburg Monuments
Finding Gettysburg Monuments. Erected in 1888, the Brig. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren statue stands on Little Round Top. The statue faces west toward Confederate forces on Seminary Ridge.


Civil War Cycling Blog
Civil War Cycling Blog

Famous Quotations:

Gettysburg Famous Quotations
Gettysburg Famous Quotations. Click inside to see whether you can identify any words by Gen. Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Quiz: Fun Facts About Gettysburg Women in 1863

Quiz: Gettysburg Fun Facts and Trivia (nicknames, horses, lost limbs)

Quiz: Gettysburg More Fun Facts (class rank, age)

Quiz: Fun Facts about the Gettysburg Soldier’s Pre-War Life


What is a Gettysburg Witness Tree? And Where to Look:

Gettysburg Witness Trees
Gettysburg Witness Trees. The tree leaning in the foreground is old enough to have “witnessed” the Battle of Gettysburg. It stands on McPherson’s Ridge, close to where Union Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds was killed on July 1, 1863.

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