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Learn History Like a Kid on a Bike

Despite what many of us learned in school, American history is not a long series of boring facts. And there is no better way to learn than while pedaling through a national military park. Like a kid on a bike, you are free to explore freely a park’s winding roads, hills and valleys, and of course, stop to read wayside exhibits and monument inscriptions.


My name is Sue. I retired from the corporate world in 2014 to design, write, and publish travel guides for bicycling U.S. Civil War battlefield parks. I am the author and webmaster of Civil War Cycling, 154 Cobblestone Court Drive #110, Victor, New York 14564. You can write to me at that postal address or send your email to sue<at> I also respond to customer emails at the support address provided in your Thank You receipt.

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I learn history like a kid on a bike. This website is for sharing tips, stories, maps, photographs, and historical tidbits about America’s Civil War battlefields and how to bicycle them. If you are not sure where to start, please consider starting here.

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