Landscape Photos of The Sunken Road, Antietam

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Landscape Photos of The Sunken Road, Antietam

In fighting along a farm lane known as The Sunken Road, 3,000 Union and 2,500 Confederate soldiers perished. The lane cut through the Mumma, Roulette, and Piper farms. The following map shows the approach of Union forces (in blue) toward the Confederate battle line (in red). The purple lines identify hiking trails.

fighting at The Sunken Road
Fighting in the The Sunken Road, Antietam Naitonal Battlefield

Markers Along The Sunken Road

130th PA monument
130th Pennsylvannia Monument on the West End of the Lane

Looking East Toward the Tower

The gravel path shown in the next photo is a pedestrian pathway. Bicyclists should keep to paved park avenues.

walking path
Walking Path (Near the 130th PA Monument)

The 132nd Pennsylvania Monument

Confederate artillery hit the Roulette family bee yard as the 132nd Pennsylvania attacked the Confederate line. The regiment’s monument is pictured below. They suffered stings from one direction and shells and bullets from the other.

132nd PA monument in The Sunken Road
Looking West along The Sunken Road from the 132nd PA Monument

In the next photo, Richardson Avenue is on the left and sunken farm lane is between two long rows of wormwood fencing. The tallest monument in this photo is the 132nd PA Monument. Antietam National Visitor Center (2019) is visible on the ridge in the distance (on the right).

view form observation tower
View Looking West from the Tower

The Observation Tower on the East End of The Sunken Road

The Observation Tower is on the east end of modern-day Richardson Avenue. Built in 1897, the tower is accessible to park visitors through a spiral staircase on the interior. This area is also called “The Bloody Lane.”

approach to the observation tower
Walking Path to the Observation Tower

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