Antietam Mortuary Cannons Quiz

What do you know about the mortuary cannons in Sharpsburg, Maryland? To understand the story of the Battle of Antietam, it helps to know who’s who! This Antietam Mortuary Cannons quiz spotlights the names of three Confederate and three Union generals who were killed or mortally wounded at the Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862.

Do you need some help? If so, please see Civil War Cycling’s gallery and scavenger hunt pages on the mortuary cannons at Antietam National Battlefield. Those pages offer photographs, portraits, maps, and short histories.

Antietam Mortuary Cannons Quiz

Union Generals

Three generals in George B. McClellan’s Army of the Potomac died from wounds sustained at the Battle of Antietam. One died the day after the battle from a wound to the chest (Maj. Gen. Joseph K. Mansfield). Another died by the end of September from a wound to his left lung (Brig. Gen. Isaac P. Rodman). And the third died in early November from complications associated with a wound to his foot (Maj. Gen. Israel B. Richardson). These three Union generals were buried in Connecticut, Rhodes Island, and Michigan, respectively.

Confederate Generals

Three generals in Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia died from wounds sustained at the Battle of Antietam. Notably, two Confederate generals died on the day of the battle (September 17, 1862). They were Brig. Gen. William E. Starke (buried in Virginia) and Brig. Gen. Lawrence O. Branch (buried in North Carolina). The third general, Brig. Gen. George B. Anderson died in mid-October and was buried in North Carolina.

Antietam Mortuary Cannons Quiz.

Antietam Mortuary Cannons Quiz
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