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Gettysburg Quizzes – A Fun Way to Prepare for Your Bicycling Adventure. How well do you know Gettysburg? Try these fun and interactive quizzes. There’s something here for people of all skill levels. There are no annoying ads embedded in Civil War Cycling quizzes! And we don’t need your name or email address.

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Gettysburg Quizzes … Why?

To get the most out of your bicycling adventure, it helps to prepare for your trip. Of course, you will want to make transportation and lodging plans. But more than that, you will want know a little history before you arrive in Gettysburg. What you know when you arrive is the basis for what you will learn while riding through the park.

One way to prepare is to read. Another is to play with the quizzes that are listed on this page. However you score on these anonymous and risk-free quizzes, I hope you enjoy them. (Tip: Do you need a refresher on basic Civil War military terminology? If so, please try  “Civil War Quiz – Military Terminology for Beginners”).

Table of Gettysburg Quizzes

Ready for fun? Do you know your flank from your elbow?
Sort IDQUIZ TopicLink
1Battle Events - JuneComing Soon
2.1Battle Events - July 1 (Warm-Up)Take Quiz
2.2Battle Events - July 1Take Quiz
3.1Battle Events - July 2 (Warm-Up)Take Quiz
3.2Battle Events - July 2Take Quiz
4.1Battle Events - July 3 (Warm-Up)Take Quiz
4.2Battle Events - July 3Take Quiz
5Battle Events - AftermathComing Soon
6.1Fun Facts (Women)Take Quiz
6.2Fun Facts and Trivia (Nicknames, Horses, Lost Limbs)Take Quiz
6.3Fun Facts and Trivia (Class Rank, Age)Take Quiz
6.4Fun Facts and Trivia (Pre-War Life)Take Quiz
7Gettysburg - DowntownComing Soon
8Gettysburg - Evergreen CemeteryComing Soon
9Gettysburg - FarmsComing Soon
10Gettysburg - GeographyComing Soon
11Monuments and MarkersComing Soon
12Monuments and Markers - SymbolsComing Soon
13Monuments - CSA - RegimentsComing Soon
14Monuments - CSA - HeadquartersComing Soon
15Monuments - CSA - Military UnitsComing Soon
16Monuments - CSA - StateTake Photo Quiz
17Monuments - EquestrianTake Photo Quiz
18Monuments - USA - HeadquartersComing Soon
19Monuments - USA - Military UnitsComing Soon
20Monuments - USA - StateTake Photo Quiz
21Monuments - USA - StatuesTake Photo Quiz
22.1Order of Battle - CSA (Corps, Divisions)Take Quiz
22.2Order of Battle - CSA (Longstreet Brigades)Take Quiz
22.3Order of Battle - CSA (Ewell Brigades)Take Quiz
22.4Order of Battle - CSA (Hill Brigades)Take Quiz
22.5Order of Battle - CSA (Cavalry)Coming Soon
22.6Order of Battle - CSA (Artillery)Coming Soon
22.7Order of Battle - CSAComing Soon
23.1Order of Battle - USA (Corps, Divisions)Take Quiz
23.2Order of Battle - USA (1st Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.3Order of Battle - USA (2nd Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.4Order of Battle - USA (3rd Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.5Order of Battle - USA (5th Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.6Order of Battle - USA (6th Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.7Order of Battle - USA (11th Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.8Order of Battle - USA (12th Corps Brigades)Take Quiz
23.9Order of Battle - USA (Cavalry Corps)Coming Soon
23.10Order of Battle - USA (Artillery Reserve)Coming Soon
23.11Order of Battle - USAComing Soon
23.12Order of Battle - USA (Regimental Nicknames)Take Quiz
24People - CSA - OfficersTake Photo Quiz
25People - USA - OfficersComing Soon
26People - Human InterestComing Soon
27GNMP - HistoryComing Soon
28GNMP - Roads and Battle LinesComing Soon
29Soldiers' National Cemetery - GravesComing Soon
30Soldiers' National Cemetery - HistoryComing Soon
31Soldiers' National Cemetery - LincolnComing Soon
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