Antietam Landscape Photos

Learn the landscape, learn history!  While riding a bicycle, history comes alive as we learn and navigate through historical landscapes. This page contains links to Antietam landscape photos that will help you to understand  the Battle of Antietam.

Last Update: October 25, 2020 (12:30 pm)

Antietam Landscape Photos

When you bike the battlefield, you enjoy will enjoy a unique opportunity to understand the Battle of Antietam. That’s party because bicyclists use natural and physical landmarks to stay oriented on the battlefield. And in knowing those landmarks, it is easier to understand the 1862 story.

Table of Antietam Landscape Photos

How does a bicyclist stay oriented on the battlefield? Study the names and locations of significant land forms (e.g., hills, ridges) and landmarks (e.g., monuments, barns). Knowing these really helps!
Sort IDGeographic AreaLink
1Antietam CreekView
2The CornfieldView
3East Woods
Coming Soon
4Harper's FerryView
5North WoodsComing Soon
6South MountainView
7The Sunken RoadView
8West WoodsComing Soon

Learn the Landscape, Learn History!

Antietam’s expansive landscape helps bikers to learn history while riding the battlefield terrain. The battlefield is nestled between South Mountain and the Potomac River. Nearby is Antietam Creek, the body of water for which the battle is named. By riding the hills and waterways, bikers easily connect geography to the battlefield story.

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Antietam landscape photos
Pegram’s Virginia Battery (CSA) cannon pointing east toward Antietam Creek and South Mountain

You might also be interested in the virtual web tour published online by the National Park Service. Click here to visit that page.

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