Find Monuments at Gettysburg — Scavenger Hunts

Like a Kid on a Bike — Find Monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park. This page provides an index to maps, photos, and descriptions for finding monuments and other historic structures while biking the battlefield.

Last Update: October 25, 2020 (11:54 am)

Scavenger Hunts to Find Monuments at Gettysburg… Why?

A bicyclist can freely zip around a battlefield park wo hunt for “intellectual treasure.” Armed with a map and a list of clues, a scavenger hunt is a great way to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg. Civil War Cycling’s scavenger hunts are learning exercises designed to help you figure out for yourself where a monument is located and what it looks like.

Sort IDScavenger Hunt TopicLink
1USA State MonumentsHunt
2CSA State MonumentsHunt
3Equestrian MonumentsHunt
4Bronze Statues Honoring IndividualsHunt
5Monuments and MarkersComing Soon
6Corps Headquarters MonumentsComing Soon
7CSA Regimental MonumentsComing Soon
8USA Regimental MonumentsComing Soon
9Buildings and MemorialsComing Soon
10FarmsComing Soon
11GeographyComing Soon
12Roads and Battle LinesComing Soon
13Soldiers' National CemeteryComing Soon
14Evergreen CemeteryComing Soon
15Witness TreesComing Soon
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find monuments at Gettysburg
To find monuments at Gettysburg, you may sometimes need to park your bike. This is a photo of the 26th North Carolina monument on Cemetery Ridge. Note the Gen. Meade Equestrian Monument in the background.

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