What’s Next for Civil War Cycling?

What’s next for Civil War Cycling? Our guidebook, Bicycling Chickamauga Battlefield, is on-track for publication for the 2021 cycling season. Chickamauga battlefield is in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, less than ten miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Along the banks of Chickamauga Creek on September 19–20, 1863, nearly 35,000 Americans were casualties of this second-deadliest multi-day battle in the U.S. Civil War. (The first was Gettysburg. Antietam was the deadliest single day of fighting.) The National Park Service summarizes this very complicated battle, here.

Last Update: June 9, 2021 (9:19 am)

Coming in 2021: Bicycling Chickamauga Battlefield …

bicycling chickamauga battlefield in May 2019
Battleline Road, Chickamauga Battlefield, Georgia

This third in a series of Civil War travel guides, Bicycling Chickamauga Battlefield will be a paperback guidebook. Like the previous books in the series, an optional set of digital maps in PDF format will be available for download and printing.

Coming in 2022: Bicycling Shiloh National Military Park …

biking shiloh in May 2019
Minnesota Monument at The Hornets Nest, Shiloh

You might want to combine bicycling Chickamauga battlefield with a road-trip to Shiloh National Military Park. Although each park is large enough for a great learning and riding experience, if you do not live near Tennessee, you might want to combine these two tours into one long cycling vacation.

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  • Bicycling Chickamauga Battlefield – Digital Document Maps and Guidebook, November 2021.
  • Bicycling Shiloh National Military Park – Digital Document Maps and Guidebook, 2022.
  • Bicycling Vicksburg National Military Park – TBD

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