Gettysburg Statues of Individual Heroes – Simple Drills for Fun

What do you know about the twenty bronze statues at Gettysburg? Today, we feature Gettysburg statues that honor individual heroes, military and civilian. Test your knowledge by playing with Civil War Cycling’s interactive quizzes.

Gettysburg Statues of Individual Heroes

Even if you know very little about the Battle of Gettysburg, today’s quizzes are an easy way to learn a lot. We start with two short, anonymous quizzes and an invitation to take a deeper dive at the end.

Beginner Quiz – Know Your Heroes

Gettysburg statues

Here is an accordion-style quiz. Please consider it an opportunity to PLAY.

Instructions: Read the question, think whether you might know the answer, and regardless, click on the question to uncover the answer. All answers are drawn from the following name bank.

Francis C. Barlow, John Buford,  John L. Burns, William Corby, Samuel W. Crawford, Abner Doubleday, John W. Geary, John Gibbon, George S. Greene, Alexander Hays, Andrew A. Humphreys, John F. Reynolds, John C. Robinson, Elizabeth Thorn, Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade, James S. Wadsworth, Gouverneur K. Warren, Alexander S. Webb, Albert H. Woolson, William W. Wells.

Answers: The answers are below the questions.

Intermediate Quiz – Whose Monument Is This?

Gettysburg statues

This isn’t a traditional quiz. It is designed to help you to learn, not to grade your performance. That’s why there is nothing to do but read, think, and then move your mouse (or finger on a mobile device) to hover over the photograph that answers the question.

Instructions: For each of the five questions (below), identify the photograph that answers the question. The photo captions make it clear whether you are correct.


1 – Which monument (above) honors Rev. William Corby (1833–97), the chaplain of the 88th New York Infantry (part of the Irish Brigade) and also the future President of the University of Notre Dame?

2 – Which monument honors Meade’s Chief Engineer, Gouverneur K. Warren (1830–82), the man who was credited with first recognizing that Little Round Top was undefended on July 2, 1863?

3 – Which monument honors Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade (1843–63), the only known civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.

4 – Which monument honors the highest ranking officer killed at Gettysburg and commander of the 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, John F. Reynolds (1820–63).

5 – Which monument honors cavalry division commander, John Buford (1826–63), a Kentucky native?

Answers: The answers are in the photo captions, below. 

Advanced Exploration – Curious to Know More?

Gettysburg statues

Instructions: Follow the next link to an article that contains photographs, a short history, another interactive quiz, and a scavenger hunt with a map.

Take it to the next level!

Wrap-Up – Gettysburg Statues of Individual Heroes

I hope that you had fun drilling the basics. Civil War Cycling’s tools are just that — tools to help you learn. And to learn “just enough” to motivate you to bicycle Gettysburg National Military Park.

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