Finding State Monuments at Antietam

Finding State Monuments at Antietam

This exercise will help you to plan a bicycle route that includes finding state monuments at Antietam.  A map and some photos are your tools. Engage your brain before you start pedaling. If you know understand U.S. Postal code abbreviations, then you should be able to complete this exercise without doing any research.

7 State Monuments

There are seven state monuments at Antietam National Battlefield, and all of them are easy to find on a bicycle. They are listed in the following table. (Designer information is from the National Park Service’s “List of Classified Structures” database. Rededication information is from James and Suzanne Gindlesperger’s 2012 book, So You Think You Know Antietam? and from John Schildt’s 1991-2002 book, Monuments at Antietam.)

State Monuments

1Georgia (CSA)Harry SellersSept 20, 1961LCS ID 045005 #029A
2IndianaJ.N. Forbes Co.Sept 17, 1910Sept 9, 1962LCS ID 04500 #098
3Maryland (USA, CSA)State of MarylandMay 30, 1900 (Pres. William B. McKinley)July 1, 1989
June 3, 2006
LCS ID 008125 #035
4MassachusettsCommonwealth of MassachusettsSept 17, 1898Sept 9, 1962LCS ID 045003 #107
5New JerseyJohn L. Meeker, W. Passmore, James Walling (Sculptors)Sept 17, 1903 (Pres. Theodore Roosevelt)Sept 9, 1962LCS ID 008133 #019
6New YorkRicci and ZarriSept 17, 1920Sept 1, 1962LCS ID 008143 #036
7Texas (CSA)State of TexasNov 11, 1964LCS ID 045004 #029B

Bicycling Tip

Begin at the Visitor Center and walk to the New York State Monument on the grassy hill there. The Maryland State Monument is very close to Smoketown Road, where there is an opening in the park fence. This is a very convenient location to lean your bicycle on the fence and walk along a short grassy trail to the monument. The remaining five state monuments are conveniently located on park roads; follow the signs for Auto Tour Stops 1-4.

Finding State Monuments at Antietam

Can you find the location of the above monuments on a map? Give it a try. Hover over or touch each monument photo, below, for hints.


Hover over the map pin with your mouse, or tap the pin on a mobile device, to identify the state.




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