Recommended Gettysburg Links

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Recommended Gettysburg Links

Recommended Gettysburg Links  – This page lists a small number of excellent resources that provide a comprehensive introduction to the Battle of Gettysburg. The list is deliberately short. These are among the best of the best resources available to armchair historians and history lovers in general. I hope that you enjoy them.

Video and Animation

 Gettysburg Animated Map and Video (American Battlefield Trust)

 GettysburgNPS on YouTube

Interactive Maps

Gettysburg Stone Sentinels (Steve Hawks) is an excellent site for studying the history and placement of Gettysburg’s 1,300+ monuments and markers. You can navigate from map to monument and back again. The site has many photographs.

Static Maps

Recommended Gettysburg LinksFor accuracy and ease of reading, my favorite set of detailed (regiment-level) Gettysburg battle maps is Bradley M. Gottfried’s book, The Maps of Gettysburg (New York: Savas Beatie, 2010). If you must consult only free resources, please consider these two options:

  1. American Battlefield Trust Maps are free to view online but reproduction rights must be explicitly granted by the Civil War Trust.
  2. American Civil War Maps (Hal Jespersen) is a repository of free Wikipedia maps that you can share under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. A subset of the Gettysburg “Maps by Hal Jespersen,” is available on Civil War Cycling, here.

Orders of Battle

My favorite site for navigating the military roster for the Battle of Gettysburg is part of Steve Hawks’ “Gettysburg Stone Sentinels”:

Other Recommended Gettysburg Links

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