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Civil War Cycling’s online shop has been redesigned so that we can easily offer discounts and sales. Just point your web browser to www.civilwarcycling.com and click the SHOP menu option. Or go directly here: www/civilwarcycling.com/shop/. Help test our new shop and get a free map!

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Help test Promo Codes and get this FREE map:

PDF document map for a 9.2-mile historical bike tour through Antietam National Battlefield, “Bike Antietam Route 1 Map”

Learn Civil War history on two wheels at Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. This is a 34-page full color, printable PDF map (not GPS navigation) with photos, bicycling cues, and tips for a 9.2-mile historical tour. 

Antietam Route 1 Bike Map

No passwords or license keys! You will receive an email with a download link after completing the checkout process. Print or view on your PDF-enabled mobile device or desktop computer. (You need Adobe’s free PDF reader).

Please note: This PDF map supplements my recently published paperback guidebook (Bicycling Antietam National Battlefield: The Cyclist’s Civil War Travel Guide). The map is not the guidebook itself, available on Amazon (paid link).

Exclusive Offer for Subscribers Only

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  3. Note that this offer is limited to the first twenty (20) people who successfully use the PROMO CODE to get a FREE downladable copy of Bike Antietam Route 1 Map (9.2 miles, pdf)”
  4. Offer expires on on 11/20/20 or when all PROMO CODES are used (whichever is sooner).

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It’s Easy! But here is some click-by-click help:

To get your FREE map:

Step 1. Click here: www/civilwarcycling.com/shop/

Step 2. Scroll down to find this map:

“Bike Antietam Route 1 Map (9.2 miles, pdf)” $5.95

Ignore the $5.95 price. Your discount code will zero that out.

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Step 3. Click “Add to Cart”

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Oh, and guess what?! A BONUS

If you want one or both of the maps for a biking excursion to Antietam from the C&O Canal Towpath, you can add these PDFs to your cart as well (also FREE today):

“C&O Canal Route 2, South to Antietam Map (pdf)” $5.95 (FREE with code)

“C&O Canal Route 3, North to Antietam Map (pdf)” $5.95 (FREE with code)

What if you want FREE maps for an Antietam excursion from the C&O Canal Towpath? Then click “Continue Shopping,” find the map, click “Add to Cart.” Do that for both maps, if you want. Woa! The price total could add-up to $17.85 USD. To zero that out, proceed to Step 4 to add your PROMO CODE.

Step 4. Click “ADD PROMO CODE”

Enter Promo Code: makeover2020

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And Remember: This promo code will only work for the Antietam and C&O Canal excursion maps. If you want to buy any Gettysburg maps in this same transaction, that should be possible to do.

Step 5. Click “Apply”

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If you only added the Antietam and C&O Canal maps, then you should see that your Total is 0.00 USD.

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Instead, I recommend that you check your email from a desktop computer (or whatever device or computer with which you read PDF files). There’s no rush. You have up to 5 days to download the file before the download link expires. Just click the download link in the email that you receive.

Step 9. Check your email. Download your FREE map.

You will a Thank You email with an Invoice ID and link to your order details. You will also receive one email per PDF map in your shopping cart—that is where you will find the download link to get your PDF map.

You will need Adobe’s free PDF Reader to view or print the PDF.

Thank you!

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