Gettysburg Photo Gallery for a Thematic Ride

Gettysburg Photo Gallery – Things to See on Your Bike Ride. This page provides an index to photos that are grouped into learning categories to help you to plan a thematic bicycle tour. You might also enjoy our page of Gettysburg Landscape Photos.

Last Update: February 10, 2022 (8:06 pm)

Gettysburg Photo Gallery … Why?

Grouped thematically, these photos will help you to plan an educational bicycle tour. Please read the photo captions and learn the names of monuments. You can also follow links to interactive quizzes and scavenger hunts. And of course, each gallery includes a short historical summary.

Table of Gettysburg Photo Galleries

Sort IDPhoto or Video TopicLink
1USA State MonumentsView
2CSA State MonumentsView
3Equestrian MonumentsView
4Bronze Statues Honoring IndividualsView
5Monuments and MarkersComing Soon
6Corps Headquarters MonumentsView
7CSA Regimental MonumentsComing Soon
8USA Regimental MonumentsComing Soon
9Buildings and MemorialsComing Soon
10FarmsComing Soon
11Soldiers' National CemeteryView

I hope that this photo gallery inspires you to visit Gettysburg National Military Park, the small town that in 1863 witnessed the greatest loss of life than for any battle in U.S. military history.

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Gettysburg photo gallery
Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard Equestrian Monument, East Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg