Civil War Cycling Got Another Performance Boost!

Hopefully, our performance boost will help you to find the Gettysburg bike maps that you have been looking for.

But first, a question about Gettysburg bike maps and cycling loops…

gettysburg bike maps
View of Hancock Avenue looking north toward the Pennsylvania State Monument

Hancock Avenue is one-way heading north. Knowing that, can you complete a cycling loop? In other words, do you think it’s enough to have a free park map? Or do you need a pre-defined bike route through the park that completes a loop?

ON SALE – Download your Gettysburg bike maps today.

Civil War Cycling’s Shop is now stocked with Gettysburg bike maps. Available for immediate purchase and download. It’s not too early to plan your 2019 ride. In fact, your might be just in time for the holiday season.

NEWS – We got another website performance boost!

Civil War Cycling got another performance boost! There is a ton of historical and bicycling information available on our website, so we want our pages to run snappy. Today, we completed Phase II improvements that you will notice almost immediately. If your primary interest is Gettysburg National Military Park, checkout these links to pages with tons of photos:

Landscape Photos of Barlow’s Knoll, Cemetery Ridge, Culp’s Hill, Devil’s Den, East Cavalry Field, East Cemetery Hill, Little Round Top, Oak Hill, McPherson Ridge, The Peach Orchard, Rose Woods, Seminary Ridge, the town of Gettysburg, and The Wheatfield.

Monument Gallery, including thematic presentations, by category, including USA State Monuments, CSA State Monuments, Equestrian Monuments, and more.

Hunt for Monuments, by category, with help using maps and photos.

Take Quiz on any of a large number of topics. Totally anonymous and designed to help with learning.

Take Us for a Test Run

Try it out by clicking “Gettyburg Battlefield Fun – Experiential Learning” or dive-in right here:

1. History Fun:
Monument Gallery
View from Little Round Top, Looking Northwest over Houck's Ridge toward Seminary Ridge
View from Little Round Top, Looking Northwest over Houck's Ridge toward Seminary Ridge
Take Quiz
Hunt for Monuments
2. Bicycling Fun:
Landscape Photos
View from Stevens' Knoll, Looking North toward East Cemetery Hill (on left)
View from Stevens' Knoll, Looking North toward East Cemetery Hill (on left)
Select Bicycle Route
Tips for Your Ride
3. Further Study:
Study Notes
Civil War Cycling's "Gettysburg Study Notes" is an evolving notebook of "cheat sheets" and flashcards.

Have you ever thought of taking the exams to become a Licensed Battlefield Guide? These notes could be a big help, especially when you pair them with Civil War Cycling's "Battlefield Fun!" quizzes, scavenger hunts, and photo/video galleries.

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